My Favorites from 2014

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I thought I'd post a favorite pictures of 2014 thread. I didn't have too many chances to get out this year but I did have a few successful chases photography wise.

March 27th of 2014 was my favorite chase of the year, and the storm right in my backyard in Allen, TX! Luckily I was already out shooting the sunset so I didn't even really have to move.

Canon 6d with 24-105L lens, F8 and .5 seconds ISO 400. 8 shot vertical pano.

Canon 6d with 24-105L lens, F8 and .5 seconds ISO 400. 8 shot vertical pano.

My next favorite day was May 7th near Henrietta, Tx and then a bit farther north near Waurika:

Shot near Henrietta close to the end of the storms life. I loved the contrast of the sun and darkness on the right.

The second storm of the day, up near Waurika. We went East a ways to capture the incredible structure of this storm.

Shot from earlier in the day as the Henrietta storm was first getting going.

May 24th was another fun day in far West TX:

Beautiful storm that chased us for most of the day. This was near sunset east of Fort Stockton. Canon 6d with 24-105L lens. 10 Vertical shot pano.

A bit earlier in the day. The hail core with this storm was intense. Canon 6d with 24-105L lens.

Finally, a bust chase day on May 8th up in southern KS ended with an incredible sunset.

Canon 6d with Samyang 14mm lens.

The setting sun through the rain and virga made an incredible view. Canon 6d and 14mm Samyang.


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