My 2014 chase season

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Dec 5, 2003
Waterloo, ON
Chasing in southern Ontario in 2014 was pretty good, the best season I've had locally since I started in '98, which helped me cope with not travelling south for a chasecation.

May 21st: Amazing lightning in the late evening near Listowel, Ontario, after waiting for a few hours for initiation to occur. My partner was thinking of quitting, but I knew in my gut that there would be storms later. Patience paid off :)

June 17th: Shelf cloud near Conestogo, Ontario. Panorama photo.

July 27th: I was camping at The Pinery Provincial Park near Grand Bend, Ontario when a tornadic HP supercell blew in quickly. It produced an EF1 tornado that hit several yards away from us. It cut a clean swatch through one of the group camping areas, where a woman was seriously injured when a large tree crushed her pelvis and sacrum. It moved into Grand Bend uprooting very old oak trees and causing some structural damage at the south end of town. Power was out for 2 days as crews worked feverishly to restore it. The tornado was rain wrapped, so I could not visually see a funnel, but there was definitely something ominous in there. We bailed shortly after taking pics for our safety, since we were right on the edge of the couplet. A beautiful mean-looking storm!

July 29th: My first waterspout over Lake Huron seen from The Pinery Provincial Park near Grand Bend, Ontario! A cell quickly went up and sheared off nicely, producing this nice surprise. I watched in awe as it roped out.

August 30th: Supercell near Durham, Ontario with long lived wall cloud. After this storm, we chased a couple more storms along the shores of Lake Huron with several friends, including Mark Robinson.

Early evening, we headed to Point Clark to capture this colourful shelf cloud at sunset.

Afterwords, we headed south to Goderich to get another shelf cloud and more lightning.

September 1st: A late evening lightning chase east of Listowel, Ontario. There were nice strikes but the rain made it hard to photograph properly. I somehow managed to capture the last remains of a CG strike.

September 5th: Final chase of the year gave my friend and I a shelf cloud with several embedded areas of rotation, east of Listowel, Ontario.