Moving Doesn't Have to be Boring

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Mar 23, 2013
Denver, CO
Whoever said moving had to be boring and dreadful? ;)

I made my move fun. As I made my way from Nashville to my new home in Denver, CO last week, I made sure to take my time and stop and see things and just enjoy the drive as opposed to being in a hurry. The past 4 1/2 years of being in college have been nothing but being in a hurry. I stopped in Norman, OK and toured the Storm Prediction Center and right as I pulled up I was greeted by a loud crack of thunder and then a nice Oklahoma rain! Afterwards made my way up to Dodge City and spent the next morning touring the Boot Hill museum before making my way towards Denver. I've opted to leave out the SPC and Boothill Museum photos since they aren't sky photography.

Scenic picture of Hwy 183 in West Central KS south of Dodge City

My amazing catch of the day was the Dirt Devil I caught outside Colby, KS. Not a tornado, but hey, when you're having SDS withdrawals amidst a 2 year chase drought, you can't complain about any form of rotation! :p

Towered anvil going up in NE Colorado.

Photographed this as I came into Denver, I believe I was just west of Bovine, CO

I called this structure "Creeper's Den". While photographing it I started hearing some noises inside, not sure if it was an animal or a person, but I retreated to my car and my armed myself with my handgun just in case. Needless to say, the noises coming from within ceased at that point...LOL. The name is rather fitting.

Watched this anvil take shape for more than 2 hours from my vantage spot near Stratton, CO