Mount Evans, CO rainbow

Mar 16, 2004
New Jersey
This was taken in August of last year at about the 12000 foot level, on a trail in the Mount Goliath area. First time I'd been over the rainbow since the mid-80's........
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Jeff Duda

Resident meteorological expert
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Oct 7, 2008
Broomfield, CO
I doubt it's that unusual to see a rainbow in that configuration when you're at that kind of altitude. Since a rainbow results from the scattering of sunlight through liquid water drops and since it's common for one to be within the clouds at nearly 12,000 ft, and given the sun angle, I would guess that happens more often than you may think. It's just that fewer people are up there and for less time, so it's less likely that someone would witness it and document it.

Still cool to see, though.