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Mar 30, 2008
Norman, OK
April 30, 2012 near Medford, OK. My only real 0% tornado day but they put a 2 or 5 later in the day. Most were in the 5% tornado risk in the Texas Panhandle after a good day the night before near Lubbock. I texted my boss at 10pm in Lubbock the night previous and asked him if I could take the day off Monday the 30th, and he said nope, so I drove home. Turned out to be a good thing, as I noticed the outflow boundary/effective warm front from the flooding rains the night before in Northern Oklahoma and went up after work.
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June 23, 2018 near Mitchell, SD. My family was on a trip out the Black Hills and we camped at the KOA in Mitchell. There was a 2% risk out, and some typical summer thunderheads along I-90. I didn't feel any need to pay any additional attention to the weather, such as peeking at radar. As we're setting up the tent at the campground, there in the distance was a wall cloud and a funnel was coming down. It was a ridiculous set of circumstances... looking in the right direction though a narrow treeless view at the right moment. To top it off I think it was the only 2018 tornado I had.

You can see a little nub just to the left of the pole and under the cloud base.

I grabbed the good camera and got this with the 200mm zoom, cropped and contrast enhanced.

I believe the official report put the tornado about 13 miles away.

S Klein

Jan 11, 2020
I'd say the March 29th, 2019 Falcon, Colorado tornado. Dews were <40, temps were in the 40s, and there was snow on the rear flank!
I saw a cell developing from home to the North, and followed it North-Then East.
I decided to fill the gas tank just in case I went decently far, I just wanted to take pictures of such a beautiful storm. I picked up a friend just outside of town, and we started heading East. Finally it started to pour blinding rain and small hail, so we decided to go back towards the West. While driving West I noticed a brief funnel outside of my window, so we pulled over on street that went North to get off of the highway and got to see a couple more funnels.
The one you can see in the background eventually touched down.
And it was the only tornado in the country that day!