Modeling the Excitation of Seismic Waves by the Joplin Tornado [Paywalled]

Forgive me with the late reply but I’m just now seeing this.
This is certainly not new. This has been the direction we have been moving in with the INPAR since 2012.
I might add that “seismic waves” is not correct verbiage. It is simply acoustic/infrasonic. And while the range in frequency is somewhat correct or at least in ballpark - we are not talking about an R-wave.

I coined the SSF (Supercell Signature Frequency) and the TSF (Tornado Signature Frequency) phrases back in 2013. Dr. Al Bedard (head of NOAAs Infrasonic department in Boulder) *assisted* with some of our direction, as did Tim Samaras (obviously)

But after a refusal of the peer review paper, and the heat I took from some down in Norman/CIMMs, I decided to distance from that part. Thus, my tour company funds PACRITEX and we have collected many infrasonic data sets - including the Chapman event. And most recently Randy Hicks being overtaken by the tornado in the south early this year, while obtaining a full acoustic/infrasonic data set pre, during and post tornadogenesis.

“Norman” doesn’t like change nor a meteorologist that just so happens to own/run a tour company. It seems it goes against the grain....

Kudos to these folks...good luck getting anything past the dreadful peer review process.