Microsoft Streets and Trips Discontinued

May 18, 2012
Gaines, MI
For those of you running Windows 8.1, I found an interesting app in the Store called "Maps Pro"

They're touting it as the replacement for S&T.

Reviews are mixed. But, for the little I've played with it, it may become a viable option. Especially those
considering a tablet, If I can work it with my fat fingers, It has possibilities.
Well, I honestly thought I'd like the whole Road Shapefile thing in GR3 the best, but it turns out, I don't. With the convenience of the touch screen I can easily swipe back in forth between GR3 and either Map Pro or Street Atlas (which I’d like to also run). Plus when you're in GPS mode, your position shows up anyway... I too have a CD/license for Streets & Trips, but it’s installed on my laptop, and I don’t have an external drive to try and remove it and load unto my tablet. Oh well.
I did run into the issue that Nick Nolte talks about here ( with the driver for the Metro Maps (Maps Pro) on the Surface Pro 3. You absolutely have to run this software found here: in order for it to work with GPSGate. Nick said when he got it, it was free. It’s now $10.99 for the download payable by Paypal.

It took me a few minutes to tinker with the set up (and a few texts back and forth with Nick), but ultimately this solution fixes the issues for them and I believe for Street Atlas as well. I’ll let y’all know what I find out. I thank Nick for this post on his blog. Check it out, or for the sake of time, if anyone needs to be walked through it, feel free to give me a shout.
Bringing this topic back to the surface I;m after some expert help - have new laptop for the 2020 season. Loaded S&T 2010 off CD successfully but the update to 2013 I downloaded way back whenever and of course that's not availabe. Have a copy of the entire folder of 2013 version copied from the old laptop but can't work out how to be able to load that. Any clever ideas? A million TIA!!!

Dan Robinson

Staff member
Jan 14, 2011
St. Louis
Jane, I think it may be that in newser versions of Windows, the location of the updates/map data might be going to a folder under Users > Yourname > AppData > Roaming instead of the Program Files directory. I've had some luck doing that with manual installs with other software, although not with Streets and Trips (I'm still using Delorme StreetAtlas).