May 17th Chaser Accident near Lubbock

May 19, 2020
Eastern KS
Probably true but still not a reason not to put up signage - I agree with @B. Dean Berry in that regard. If the argument for not putting up signage is that “those roads may not see two vehicles a day 99% of the days,” then how is that different from saying a driver might as well blow through the intersection because they have a 99% chance of getting through unscathed??

If money was spent to build the road, why not include some signage with it???
Or folks could learn the rules of the road and drive catiously in unfamiliar areas. Unless it is a problem intersection with a history of accidents there is zero chance signs will go up. They will chalk it up to inattentive driving and move on.
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Matt Hunt

Aug 2, 2009
Twin Falls, ID
Wow, that's definitely an eye opener. I really try to avoid dirt roads, because I can't drive very fast on them, and I'm afraid of getting stuck. But I honestly never even thought about the fact the intersections on dirt roads have no signs. Good reminder, should I decide to venture down a dirt road (like I actually did once today).
May 30, 2019
Lakehurst, NJ 08733
Excellent video! This is the rule I use 100% of the time and it never fails:

I ASSUME I NEVER have the right of way. If I do, it gets sorted out quickly and I go. By assuming that everyone else but myself has the ROW, it avoids me having to deal with those pesky door frame impalements and glass shards in my eyeballs from receiving a full speed side impact.

This particular situation was made much more difficult due to low contrast lighting and a road that wasn’t really visible... so yes, having the co-pilot spot for roads would be the ideal scenario, but not fail safe. Signs would likely be impractical as has been mentioned. Just glad no one bought the farm in this one. Thanks again for posting this.