May 11th 1999 Castell, TX Tornado Archive?

Apr 16, 2004
Austin, Tx
A lady that was in this tornado was asking for pictures / information about the storm. I was next to the cell as well at Llano but chose instead to chase a cell north of Llano. Only chaser I know of on this storm was Gene Moore.

I am trying to find information / archives of radar, satellite, etc for this day but so far I can only find:

Their radar and vis satellite is for primarily further north ICT. I'm surprised SPC hasn't done a case study on this date as I believe as I recall it was a similar boundary high cape, low shear day as the Jarrell F5 day with Castell being produced as an F4 and very slow moving at that.

Any help is appreciated! :)

Here is some of her account of the day from being in this tornado:

" I and my family were actually in the Castell tornado.

We lived at Loyal Valley, TX (Mason County) at the time. I have always been interested to
see if there are any actual pictures from chasers of this particular storm. I had only been home
from work in Fredericksburg about 20 minutes when it went over us, and remember driving toward
home seeing the black wall from sky to ground behind our neighbor's house(it killed 63 head
of cattle at the neighbor's)."

" I guess some might say I have a morbid fascination with
this storm. I was driving toward it on the way home that day and I guess it had been on the
ground so long, you could not see a funnel. It was the blackest cloud I had ever seen, from
sky to ground. We watched it from my mom's front porch for awhile, and the only way I
could tell it was moving was from watching the movement of the grass in the pasture in front
of the house. We lived off of Keyserville Road in Mason County."
May 7, 2009
Broken Arrow, OK
You can order tarred files (which come together as one full loop I believe) or you can place an order for the contents to be untarred which basically just takes you to a directory of all the individual scans for whatever time frame you select and then you have to download the images separately. I've only done the untarred option so I'll refer to a couple threads that may be helpful: