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Jesse Risley

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Apr 12, 2006
Macomb, IL
As is noted in the forum header, this section of the board is specifically for users to buy, sell, or trade weather-related items. Guidelines are as follows:

*Stormtrack asks that users post no more than five (5) active (ongoing sale) ads per person in the Marketplace; you can PM a moderator or post in a thread requesting the thread to be closed after an item sells.
*We ask that no more than one active thread be made per product. Multiple threads about the same product or service are redundant and unnecessary; you should add or "bump" an existing thread to add details, as necessary, to any inactive, open thread that already exists.
*If there is any dubiety about whether or not an item is indeed weather-related, and the poster gives no information about the item(s) to prove otherwise, it will be removed without prejudice. Moreover, it is appropriate to remind users that this is NOT a venue like eBay where traffickers are free to sell conventional merchandise that is not weather-related.
*If you are selling or providing a service, please PM a staff member before posting. If your service is relevant and of direct usefulness to weather aficionados (e.g., streaming or web hosting), it will generally be approved to be posted in the Marketplace, though these requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
*Stormtrack is not liable for any transactions made between users on this site, including those conducted here within the Marketplace. Any disputes between members regarding a trade or sale must be settled in a civil manner that does not create unnecessary e-turmoil on the site.
*Posts directed towards an OP as general questions within a thread whereby a product is being offered for sale or trade are permissible, but bombastic posts that are essentially useless noise, detracting from legitimate discussion about a product offered for sale or trade, will not be tolerated.

Stormtrack Management Team
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