Looking for video / pictures for SN

Hey...if you have video (preferred) or pictures of the following items and would be willing to allow the Spotter Network to use it in our new training module, please let me know. They will be used to help in addressing the increase in low quality reports last season as well as basic spotting/safety issues. You will be credited with the content and I would be happy to link back to your website/webstore.

- Proper parking on the side of the road
- Improper parking on the side of the road
* I don't need chaser convergence examples...I'm looking for stuff like cars in the middle of the road, people in the middle of the road. And contrast that with someone pulled off completely or using a side road. etc

- Obvious rotating wall cloud
- Obviously NOT rotating wall cloud
- "dark and scary" clouds but nothing worth reporting
- tornado look-a-likes, but obviously not a tornado if you look closely
- rotating wall cloud that turns into tornado (2-3min of video)
- water on road that looks to be drivable, but then a car drives into it and gets stuck or worse.

I'm reaching for pie in the sky. I don't expect to get all of the above, or any for that mater. If compensation is the issue with you not providing content please let me know. I can't promise anything but don't _not_ submit possible footage because of it.

Thanks to Mike Hollingshead for ponying up some of his content from Storm Structure 101 to get us started.

Time elapse is no good as it gives a false sense of what is really going on. If you would...take a look at the raw footage and see if it's "obvious" that it's rotating without the time elapse. If it is...and you can find a good 2-3 minutes of rotating footage. I'd love to have it!
Oct 24, 2007
Hey I looked at the raw footage fromt the time lapse and you can still tell it is obviously rotating so I will work on it, so I can get the audio out of it, and I will get it to you by later this evening. What is your e-mail so that I can send it to you? Feel free to private message me if you don't want your e-mail out here on the forums for any reason.
This is from 2005, but IMO is proper parking on a county road. This was outside of Girard, KS.

Edit: These are not storm chasers, but rather local spotters FWIW.

I also have a picture of a fake tornado from 2006 (9/15) that was reported as one near Grand Island, NE.
I'd have to check and see, but I'm sure we have the video of this too......

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Nov 18, 2006
Chicago, IL
I know you asked for video but...

This was the most convincing tornado look-a-like i've seen

Heres what it was before the rain wrapping.

Dec 5, 2003
Waterloo, ON

You're welcome to use this for your training purposes only. This was taken near Wessington/Huron, South Dakota June 5, 2006. The video shows large rotating wall cloud/meso organizing and producing a brief multi vortex tornado and right after, a dust whirl with no condensation. Not on this video segment, it went on to produce a classic elephant trunk/cone tornado before becoming rain wrapped.