Logging into Spotter Network on RadarScope

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    I’ve received multiple emails since Spotter Network (SN) support moved here to Stormtrack about logging into to SN on RadarScope (RS). I’m not sure why this is causing users so much difficulty because it’s a very easy process to accomplish. I’m going to post two screenshots here and any further inquiries via email will simply be linked to this post. Please see the below images of the RS application:


    1. First, click on the cog wheel to access RS settings. It’s circled in yellow along the right edge.

    2. Next, click on the label “Spotter Network” circled in red on the resulting pop up menu. The next image is where you’ll be taken after clicking on SN.


    3. Enter your SN credentials in the area circled in green. If you’ve forgotten one or the other you can even click on the links to retrieve your username or reset your password through SN. Once you’ve signed in you can then view other spotters as well as toggle reporting your location on or off.

    That’s essentially it in a nutshell. Should you have further questions please register to become a Stotmtrack member so you can post any additional support questions in this thread. You’ll also find a “Help Tab” within the pop up menu that offers answers to FAQs, a complete user guide, and all sorts of helpful information. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter and I hope this helps!

    Mark Blue
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