Little leaguers warm up with a tornado in the background

Interesting, and maybe not as unusual as you might think. At a wedding reception this weekend, I was talking to someone from McCook, NE, and since I saw the May 17 tornado near there, the subject came up. He said he was at a softball game (not sure if he was a coach, player, spectator, or what). When the sirens went off they apparently could not see the tornado, and he said the game continued because there was not lightning.
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Lawnmower guy was different. He was alone and responsible only for himself.
Actually, there was a less widely-reported incident in which a lawnmower guy actually got hit. Happened with the first Trinidad, CO tornado on June 6, 2014. Teenager on a riding mower with loud music and headphones. I first saw the tornado from 40 miles away, so it was pretty visible. Unless you were a teenager with loud music and headphones, LOL. He suffered minor injuries. Got quite a bit of coverage in Colorado but I don't think the national media ever picked it up. But like you said, this guy was also alone and responsible only for himself.

Todd Lemery

Jun 2, 2014
Menominee, MI