List of sites for historical data (radar, observations, analysis, soundings, etc.)

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Rob H

Mar 11, 2009
Twin Cities, MN
If you've ever wanted to look at historical events, you've probably had some difficulty pulling together all the data you wanted. Here's a list of useful sites I've found - please post if you have any further suggestions!

NCDC Resources: - This page has links to the resources below, along with many others
Data: NEXRAD mosaic reflectivity
Data Format: Images
Range: 4/1/1995 - 2 days before present
Data: NEXRAD individual products for Level 2 and Level 3
Data Format: Multiple
Range: 1995 - present
Data: NEXRAD Level 3 full radar volumes
Data Format: Tarred and Gzipped by station and date/time
Times: Variable
Range: Variable, but typically mid-90s to 1 day behind the present
Note: This is the site you want to use for viewing archived data in GrLevel3, details can be found at
Data: NEXRAD Level 2 full radar volumes
Range: 1995 - present
Data: RUC, NAM, and GFS model runs
Data Format: .inv and .grb files
Data: Archived satellite images

HPC Resources:
Data: Surface analysis
Data Format: Images
Range: 4/2006 - present
Data: Surface analysis
Data Format: Text bulletins
Range: Last 2 weeks

SPC Resources:
Data: Tornado, hail, and wind events
Data Format: Images and CSV
Note: To go directly to a date, use and replace 'YYMMDD' with desired values
Data: Tornado, hail, and wind events
Data Format: CSV
Range: 1950-2009
Data: Sfc/925/850/700/500/300, wind speed/wind direction/temps/dew points
Data Format: Images
Times: 00z and 12z
Range: 11/30/98 - present
Data: Observed soundings
Data Format: Images
Times: Typically 00z and 12z, although special soundings will appear
Range: Last 7 days
Data: Multiple (radar mosaic, satellite, HPC surface analysis)
Data Format: Images
Range: 1/2000 - present
Note: To go directly to a date, use and replace 'YYMMDD' with desired values

Misc resources:
Data: Multiple types, but most importantly 1km satellite
Range: 1996 - present
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Dec 9, 2003
The IEM has an EXCELLENT site to search past warnings (severe tstorm, tornado, and flash flood I think). Included are verification statistics, along with some nice miscellaneous stats such as one that reports how much of a polygon aligns with a county boundary. In addition, there are some radar images from the times of the warnings (and warning updates).

Iowa Environmental Mesonet - IEM COW ->

NASA also has a site on which one can view archived RUC soundings (2002, 2005-2010). See

Finally, Plymouth State has a nice archive system which allows you to create surface and upper-air maps from previous days (among many other things one can do). See
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Jun 24, 2012
SE Minnesota
This would be useful for looking up SPC events.

examples here:

replace YYYYMMDD with exact event date you want to look up.


Feb 17, 2014
Was the severe weather outbreak with those 5 tornadoes and 150 wind reports or so saved that just occurred on 2.21.14? I was specifically looking for radar in North Carolina.


Apr 24, 2012
Bourbonnais, Illinois

Lou Ruh

May 17, 2007
Initially, I was a little confused. I chose USA East and then I could not choose Pennsylvania as a state. If I choose USA instead of USA East, Pennsylvania is there. Pennsylvania should probably be included in USA East. New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware Connecticut, and Rhode Island should also be included there.