Link to Awsome Weather Photos

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Tony Lehman

Here is a link to some awsome extreme weather photos and other interesting cloud formation photos. I had this link on file and looked to see if it was still active, and it was. The website is called Dark Roasted Blend and they have a huge collection of photos of many various topics.

These cloud photos could whet your interest for awhile. Just sharing what I found while surfing the web.

Link >>

Tony Lehman

Tony Lehman

That really is a neat website. I think its really cool that they link to H's website and also feature some of Ryan McGinnis' work. Awesome find, Tony!
Thanks Maggie. Another particular topic on the website was 'Punch Hole Clouds' that I liked. I had seen one or two good ones in my lifetime, and found the pics very interesting. And the Trees and vegitation pics of Madagascar were out of this world.

tony lehman
Jan 14, 2011
St. Louis
Not to be a downer, but that site looks like they've ripped off dozens of chasers and photographers in order to create their pages and sell ad space. I'd have my doubts that any of those photographers gave permission for those to be used.