Lightning makes hole in one

May 18, 2013
"A lightning bolt from a powerful storm made an impressive shot at a North Carolina golf course.

For about the 10th time in the recent history of the Eagle Creek Golf Club, a hole-in-one was scored. However it wasn't a human with a golf ball and some luck, but, rather, a lightning bolt from a powerful storm that made the impressive shot. In the midst of Tuesday night's thunderstorms that passed over Moyock, North Carolina, located near the border of southeastern Virginia, a bolt of lightning appears to have directly hit the flagstick of the course's seventh hole, shredding the pin flag and designing an impressive electric sprawl along the putting green."
        <div class="ad__nojs-placeholder" style="height:90px;border:2px solid #e6e6e6"></div>     ""It was crazy, I had never seen anything like it," Taylor Paasch, manager of the golf club, told AccuWeather. "It was like it struck right in the hole and spread out from there." Paasch said that he has heard of lightning striking other areas of the courses, but never directly hitting a hole."

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