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Steve Miller

Staff member
Jun 14, 2004
Moore, OK
Cool stuff is happening at Stormtrack! Some of the more noticeable improvements:
  • We have a new theme that offers some additional functionality. Special thanks to Mark Blue for choosing and implementing and thank you to Ben Holcomb for the new header image!
  • Tim Vasquez returns to forecasting! Click "Nightly Forecast" above to see his live nightly forecast at 8p CT. We will install some sort of realtime communication on that page asap.
  • New iMap interactive radar map courtesy of Weather Decision Technologies. Includes mosaic radar, basic weather obs, some point forecast info, etc.
  • ChaserChat now follows a user around the site seamlessly. HINT: in the upper right of the chat screen under "Settings", you can arrange where chat is located on each page. I personally like mine "Below Content".
We hope you enjoy these changes and, as always, a huge thank you to the ST volunteer staff is in order!

Ryan Toemmes

I like the format...

Interactive content with live chat capability...

Storm Track Live stream hook up possibilities in the future ?

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