Kestrel meter + vane for mobile use?


Apr 2, 2017
Urbana, IL
I'm looking at mobile weather information for observations around severe storms, partly for local monitoring but also for archival and later data analysis. I have an older WeatherFlow system atop my car but would like something else with which to check that data. Since Kestrel is held in pretty high regard I looked at their weather 'station' i.e. meter + wind vane system. They note it has been used for extended outdoor measurements. However, I'm not sure how well it will hold up amidst the vibration, pothole bumps, buffeting of winds at highway speeds and quick blasts of wind when passing semi trailer trucks on 2-lane roads. I've seen the latter blow quite large / sturdy mag-mount ham antennas off a roof.

Can anyone with experience with these Kestrel systems speak to their durability for long applications and/or mobile use?
I'm also looking at the Davis Vantage Pro 2 but I have concerns about their reliability past 1 year and their quite old interface.

Thanks in advance.

Timoteo Galia

Dec 31, 2020
Cagliari- Italy
Hi bjewett, regarding mobile measurements, maybe you can take a look at the post I just put, this meteoTracker gives you real-time mapping of data, visualization of community data .. accuracy ad professional weather stations, you can look at the post that I just put and at the FB page MeteoTracker for more info
best regards