June 17, 2010 Minnesota Outbreak


During the day of June 17, 2010 48 tornadoes touched down in the state of Minnesota (although surrounding states also saw tornadoes that day the main part of the outbreak occured in SE and Central Minnesota) setting a new state record for highest number of tornadoes in a single day. Their were six EF-3/EF-4 tornadoes that day in Minnesota. One hit the town of Wadena, MN causing widespread damage. Another occured SW of Albert Lea, MN and destroyed several farms and killed one person. Though the damage totals of this outbreak are no where close to the size of some of the other tornado outbreaks such as the Superoutbreak of 2011 the number of tornadoes that occured in the state of Minnesota that day was unprecededented for the state and the June 17, 2010 Minnesota outbreak will remain burned into the memory of Minnesotans and strom chasers alike for a long time to come. For more information on the outbreak follow this link.