May 12, 2005
DFW, Texas
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What a shock to read about such a tragedy. My sincerest sympathies and condolences to Jeff's family and friends. I did not know him personally except for a few brief moments during a chase and remember well how similar our philosphies were regarding enjoyment of our interest whether bust or feast. As many others stated, will miss his contributions to the chaser community in voice and character. His spirit will live on and be with all of us during each and every chase.
Jul 5, 2004
New Jersey
I know next to nothing about this person-but still, what a horrible way to go. :( My condolences to his friends and family. I drive a school bus for a living, and have driven under some dangerous conditions. I know the dangers all too well.

Feb 19, 2005
Macon, MO
This is truely a terrible thing that happend. Me and my family wish sincere condolences to the family of Jeff and to the many, many close friends that he had here on ST.
Hail the Day,
Hail sons of Day.
Grant us a hard heart,
and victory over our enemies,
while we live.

Mighty Aesir,
Holy Vanir,
Grant us a warm heart,
and healing hands,
while we live.

Mighty Odin! A great warrior comes to your hall!
He has danced with Thor, your brother, and knows him well.

With these words I raise my drinkhorn, and toast the honor of our fallen warrior.
Apr 18, 2005
The morning of July 11 my chase partner Shawn and I were still driving back from chasing hurricane Dennis after a very early morning nap in Mississippi. Shawn and I got excited to see the airmass t-storms develop in NE Texas as we crossed the LA/TX border on I-20, but my excitement turned to concentration and worry as my windshield had begun to resemble a waterfall. I've hydroplaned before, sometimes it's unavoidable unless the car is crawling or stopped, but in blinding rain one can cause multi-car pilups if they were to stop, so to go at a much slower yet reasonable speed is what I usually do in such a situation.

I have almost new tires on my car and I was driving in the 40-50 mph range, but so much water was on the roadway that my tires still lost traction briefly at times that morning, but lucky for us the storms were small and scattered. We emerged out of the storm and soon passed a horrible accident, which backed up traffic for what seemed a few miles. I feel terrible when I see accidents, because I've been in a few and know the pain and trouble carried with them.

Only now did I discover that it was Jeff's accident I had passed. My heart goes out to those who knew him and miss him. I did not know him, but I've read his posts and I'm sad to hear that such a lover of weather has departed.