January 21, 1999 Supercluster Arkansas


Feb 17, 2014
50 tornadoes in Arkansas with one violent and several strong tornadoes. About 8 dead in Arkansas. Went chasing for the first time in my life and ended up being hit with 50 mph winds from an undocumented tornado which lasted about at least 2 miles. Later in the track it destroyed a shed and wrapped the sheet metal around a tree, knocked down a large dead tree, ripped the edge of the roof off of a house, sucked the insolation out of a mobile home and clipped the tops off of about 4 small trees that didn't have their leaves. Saw the f-3 damage at Beebe with large pieces of wood stuck deeply into the ground and streets of houses condemned and bulldozed. In an F-1 or F-2 tornado between Searcy, AR and Center Hill saw mowed grassy areas where it was almost totally bare and tree debris blown into piles. Probably had f-3 winds but fairly rural area.
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