It's so hot in Texas that squirrels are splooting

Randy Jennings

May 18, 2013
DALLAS (7/21/2022 WFAA) — It's hot, y'all. And there really isn't any way of escaping it, even a little rain across North Texas on Thursday.
So perhaps we should take a page from our furry friends. No, not your dog. We're talking about squirrels. Accustomed to the elements, squirrels are resorting their tried-and-true method for staying cool: Splooting.

Let us explain. You probably have seen your dog do this move: Laying on their stomach, all fours sprawled across the floor. It's simple. It's relaxing. And it's pretty cute, too. Now we're in the stage of summer when even frenetic squirrels simply have to slow down and sploot.

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