Introducing: Stormtrack Discord, the Online Forum Alternative for a New Generation of Weatherers


May 5, 2019
Owasso, OK
Usually I just go to a specific server/room from browser history
(or if Discord is having issues, the main site like you.)

I've found that Discord is very temperamental as to what browser it will/won't work in.
... and they frequently make changes which can cause it to quit working - either with a meaningless error, or a blank page - then its time to try another browser & see if it works there. (and just keep trying, sometimes after a week or so it'll start working again)
Here's another "empirical user experience": using the Discord app on MacOSX using Safari, or on an iPhone, I never experienced an issue with Discord that I could pin on the platform. Once in a while I have connection issues, but those clear up on their own in a short time.

Suddenly feeling very fortunate....
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Shaun Trock

Sep 6, 2023
I'd like to get an invite to the Discord as well. May I put a suggestion for a pinned message at the top of the thread for users to know how to gain access? The links in the original posts redirect to the main site page. You can make a ticket system for manual user review and authentication.