International Assistance?

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I read about those comments that were made by that German minister(that Dan posted a link to) the other day. It's just one more example of how someone always manages to blame the United States for everything, regardless of how ridiculous it sounds to reasonable minds. IMO global warming doesn't have anything to do with hurricane Katrina and the people that are saying we brought Katrina upon ourselves are just looking for an opportunity to criticize the U.S. If global warming was responsible for Katrina, where were the effects of it during tornado season? We could have used the extra water vapor that would have resulted from higher temperatures.

Edit: Amos is right about how we need to focus on helping others right now. I will donate what I can (which isn't much) just like I would expect others to help me if I experienced a similiar tragedy. I think are fellow Americans will step up to the task. After seeing the donations and the outpouring of support after 9/11, I believe we are capable of anything.

Bobbi Andrzejek

What I would honestly like to see, as a tax-paying American, is much of our generous funding of other countries stopped and the money used for our own people.

I am so tired of seeing my beloved country leap to the aid of every little country on earth and in some cases hearing those countries demand our help.

If we focus on ourselves for awhile, think of how many of our own problmes we could solve, how much money and resources could be put to use for our own people.

I know it's not practical, but I sure would like to see done.
Dec 4, 2003
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If you live abroad and would sincerely like to help us, please make a donation to the Red Cross and request that the $$$ go to the Hurricane relief effort.

Many thanks!
Mar 3, 2004
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Gave blood & some clothing & feels great! Still teared up on latest fatality figures. Just horrible. At least some countries have offered a hand. That feels good. Its a sinking feeling knowing all the trapped cannot get out or have died from heat stroke in attics etc.... Very disturbing. Hang on for the rest of the year, the gulf is awful warm still. God help the coastal residents.


Well, I hope that all of you, who complained about world turning its back on USA in the hour of need, will see you mistake and change your opinions. The world in fact does not like you very much, but that does not mean, that it will not help...


Just shows to go you that the wheels of the bureaucracy turn slow in other countries, just like they do here. So next time somebody complains about the U.S. not sending aid somewhere fast enough, just remember that.

Geoff Boyle

OTTAWA – The Canadian Forces (CF) are ready to “roll, sail or fly†aid to Katrina-ravaged New Orleans should the United States request our assistance, the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS), General Rick Hillier said at a news conference in Ottawa Thursday afternoon. “Our thoughts and our prayers are with you. ,†he said.

Gen Hillier said although the United States military is large and fully capable of responding to a disaster such as the one left behind by Katrina, Canada will deploy Canadian Forces personnel and equipment if asked.

“Whether it’s a niche capability or augmenting an existing capability, (our American allies) have only to ask and we in the CF would have it rolling, or sailing or flying to stand side by side with them to bring relief or respite to those who need it, for however long it would take within our capability to sustain it. That’s what being friends and allies is all about.â€

Over the past 24 hours, the CDS has briefed several American and Canadian authorities including, Prime Minister Paul Martin, the Minister of National Defence, Bill Graham, the American Ambassador to Canada, as well as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dick Myers, and the Commander of U.S. Northern Command, Admiral Tim Keating, about the type of support the CF has standing by.

“The CF has a number of assets which could be deployed should the United States ask for our assistance“, said Gen Hillier. “Anything from several CC-130 Hercules to assist in transporting anything into and out of the area, helicopters to assist in the transport of anything inside the area, electrical generators that would be put into place to generate electricity, water purification systems of which we have many to produce potable, drinkable water, small boats to travel around the coastal area, a fleet diving unit that could work underwater, a communications package that could facilitate communication, and many other things.â€

Gen Hillier made it clear that it would be a privilege for CF personnel to deliver relief in such a dire circumstance, as we have done in the past.

“As I tell our members all the time, very few people have the opportunity to do something in their lives to positively to affect the lives of people, and I say the same thing today – helping our friends and neighbours would be a privilege and today we are on standby to do that.â€
I hope the US government seriously considers our offer. The Canadian DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team) has a significant amount of experience and expertise in these kinds of situations. DART has been previously deployed to disaster stricken regions like: Rwanda, Haiti, Honduras, Turkey, and Sri Lanka, and are able to service up to 600,000 people at a time.

Geoff Boyle

The Canadian Forces have been given the green light to commence relief operations in New Orleans. Expect the arrival of 3 naval vessels and a Canadian Coast Guard ship, complete with over a 1000 support personnel and rescue helicopters, within the month.

Canada is also giving up a large portion of our energy production to balance the market out. We will also be sending a portion of our fuel reserve down the US as well.
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