I paint tornadoes and I'm selling prints

Connor Sipe

Feb 22, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA
What do you do when you can't chase Tornado Alley? Make your own perfect tornado shots. My painting hobby grew out of wish fulfillment for my own photography and I totally caught the bug. I have a bunch of tornado paintings in my Paintings collection on my Fine Art America page here, where you can buy and customize prints how you like. (There's paintings and photography of other stuff like national parks and lightning too).

Here's the collection: Connor Sipe Artwork Collection: Paintings

I like to find real scenes around the plains on Google street view and put realistic tornadoes or storms in them. Here's a handful of my better ones:

Everything's Bigger in Texas - 14x11, 2022-07.jpg
Everything's Bigger in Texas - west central Texas, 14x11 inches acrylic

Not in Kansas Anymore - 8x10, 2021-08.jpg
Not in Kansas Anymore - south central Kansas, 8x10 inches acrylic

One of Those Days - 10x8, 2021-11.jpg
One of Those Days - north central Kansas, 10x8 inches acrylic

May in Oklahoma - 14x11, 2021-07.jpg
May in Oklahoma - northwest Oklahoma, 14x11 inches acrylic

A Slow Process - 10x8, 2022-02.jpg
A Slow Process - northeast Arizona, 10x8 inches acrylic

Drifting Away - 7x5, 2021-06.jpg
Drifting Away - western North Dakota, 7x5 inches acrylic

Welcome Rain - 12x9, 2021-08.jpg
Welcome Rain - east central Colorado, 12x9 inches acrylic
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