Hurricane Michael upgraded to category 5

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Oct 10, 2004
Madison, WI
I think it's more a matter of the operational intensity is based on the available data at the time. After the fact, they have more time to look over everything (SFMR, radar, chaser measurements, etc) more thoroughly.

Six months seems about average for TCRs on major systems with high impacts. I'm sure the government shutdown didn't help.

135kt Cat 4 or 140kt Cat 5, either way, a lot of destruction is done and a lot of insurers are paying out.
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Mar 1, 2004
Lansing, MI
It absolutely should not take 6 months for a storm to be upgraded.
That seems pretty reasonable - especially as Andy noted with the shutdown. The last thing we want is NHC making a decision a week later and then data coming out of the following months showing they were wrong.

This puts insurers in a bind (not that anyone probably cares about insurers), but it also changes the FEMA level of response immediately following the storm as well as long-term support funding. This feels political.
I can't speak for insurers - but will speak for FEMA - as the category has zero impact on the level of response. Can you clarify how insurance companies were hit because of this?