How can I take pictures of lightning?

I use right now a nikon N65 with a 28-200mm lense I just recently purchased a 15-30mm sigma Lense so will try that one out this coming season of 2005. usually I use ISO 100 Fuji or some sort of 100 speed slide film. You can use ISO 400 but I wouldn't. I hate ISO 200. but thats my personal feelings. I never go below an aperature of F8. If I do its when it is very very very dark. I have had some good images just before dusk. I usually find that using an aptr of 16 or more works good. But it also depends on the frequency of the strikes and the contrast ( is the backgroound dark enough to expose for a certain amount of time). It's alot of trial an error you can get alot of over exposed shots or underexposed shots. But if you want to use a digital camera i am no help there sorry. But thats what i can offer right now. Im still learning but you can check out my site to see some of my lighting pics. i especially enjoy looking at my May 24 2004 images. 2004 Was a good year for me i believe for Day shots.