Highest Winds in 115 Years Wreak Havoc in Colorado Springs, CO

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    Wind gusts ranged between 80mph in eastern Colorado Springs, to over 100mph in western Colorado Springs. The winds started around midnight, and will continue through about 8pm this evening.

    These were the highest winds experienced in Colorado Springs since November, 1900.

    This was the first time since December, 2010 that the Colorado Springs Emergency Operations Center was activated.

    It's been like an EF0 tornado blowing through town for 20 hours straight, at times reaching EF1 strength.

    We've had over 20 semis blown over, leading to the closure of 160 miles of I-25 from Monument to the New Mexico state line for all commercial vehicles. There were over 300 power outages. Numerous downed trees and roofs blown off.

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