H-Alpha modified Nikon D610 Camera Body

I know some folks who are storm chasers also do astrophotography, so dropping this here for anyone who is interested in purchasing this H-alpha modified camera.

Nikon D610 H-Alpha modified camera body only. Shutter count is currently at 53,810. The camera looks new and is ready to go right out of the box to take your night skies photography to the next level. I did the HA conversion on this camera body last summer and I've used it on several night skies projects. Check out the photos in this post.

With an H-Alpha modified camera, you’ll capture the beautiful reds from emission nebula that normal camera sensors simply can't pick up very well. You can also use this camera body as a regular camera with the proper custom white balance.

Selling the camera for $1000. If interested send me a DM. The address I'm shipping to will determine shipping costs. Thanks


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