GRlevelX Placefiles: Updated working placefiles?

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Sam Soud

Mar 30, 2020
Jacksonville, FL
I've been a longtime user of GR2AE, since the 2013 season in fact, and on my old laptop had developed quite the number of useful placefiles. When I built my new computer, however, I found a lot of the old placefiles I had wouldn't work. Last year I underwent a pretty deep search to try to find working placefiles for specific things, which I will outline below. Unfortunately, a lot of my old placefiles didn't work like I expected them to, and some didn't work at all. I've asked around over the last year or so when I've gotten the chance, although I haven't gotten out much in the community. Most of the time people just like to answer "use redteam", which is great, I use their looping METAR plot especially. However, Redteam lacks some very specific things that I used to use and find very useful.

- SPC Watches, alongside watch probabilities and text if possible. My old placefile had probabilities for the watch if you hovered over the box, was NOT filled in (as to not create clutter), and also had the word "text" on the side of the watchbox in which you could see the watch text by hovering over it. I'm not asking for all of this, I just want a working watch file.
- SPC MDs, which were very useful for me being able to see watch updates as they happened. As with the above placefile, they had a hoverable text icon that allowed you to read the actual text.
- Frontal boundaries, including drylines.

In addition, I've noticed since switching that the Spotternetwork reports don't seem to come through nearly as often as before. Are the reports being updated less, or is it just through random variance? In addition, Spotternetwork video feeds also seem to be harder to find.

I'm pretty sure Allisonhouse has many of these features, but as a monthly subscription, I would much prefer to get to the functionality I had before for free. Does anybody have any of these placefiles, or otherwise know where I can find them?