GRLEVEL3/2 on Tablet

If it runs Android, then you will not be able to install any of the GR products. If memory serves, those programs require DirectX which is why they aren't on Linux or MacOS either. The are a couple of Samsung tablets out there that have Windows and will run it fine (within the limits of the processor which isn't as powerful as a traditional laptop), but that's the extent of Samsung devices.

Unless you're only running one pane, I wouldn't want to run any of the GR products on a screen smaller than 14" anyway. And, unless you have an AH subscription, you'd lose the detail of SuperRes on GR3 that you get on RS. I wouldn't even consider running GR2 in a mobile operation. It's too data intensive, not to mention eats up a ton of processing power.
I'm assuming that's running some form of Parallels for iOS instead of MacOS? Certainly looks like a Windows interface to me. At which point, it's just like using a Windows tablet. As far as I know, there's nothing for Android that mimics the same things that Parallels does for Apple products. So, what I said before is still valid. Without a Windows install (or something like Parallels which does, in fact, use a valid Windows install), GR products won't install

James K

Mar 26, 2019
On an android tablet I use a modified version of WX and it has some Level 2 & 3 radar options.
So you can get hi-res L2..
But its not Grlevel (which I've never used, but I assume has more options)

@Brian Noble:
I recognize that location .lol.

B. Dean Berry

May 25, 2014
With Radarscope, you're already running super-res, so I don't know how much more detail you can get.

Maybe Baron Threat Net on Android or iOs, maybe. $780/yr, and I don't know if it's any better.