Great Plains scenery/landscapes

These are great! Exploring all these views is a big part of the chase for me.

Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
One of the endless streams of hazy tree & water tower silhouettes on the horizon that gradually resolves into all the little places where the local PD like to see if you're going to slow to 35 in time.

Route 8 — North of Athol, Kansas
Straight roads draped across green hills—another favorite.

Route 3 — South of Lavina, Montana
And the Cliff Swallows losing their minds and swarming like bees at river crossings.
What a cool thread! The scenes which present themselves across the Plains are, in my mind, very much part and parcel of the whole experience of chasing - and I try to spend a bit more time taking them in and getting some pictures.

From this year - looking into the yonder from a rest area along US87 between Clayton and Raton, NM (I really love that stretch!):

No trip around the Plains would be complete without some kind of local 'interest' - this, the VW Slug Bug Ranch, Conway, Texas.

Fighter jet at WaKeeney, KS: