Free SARTrack software now for Storm Spotters


Hi all,

SARTrack is a FREE Windows based program designed for Search and Rescue tracking of assets, plus many other features.
While originally only based on the Amateur Radio "APRS" protocol, it is now also capable of decoding on-line satellite trackers and even commercial GPS based VHF radio systems.

A while ago I was asked by a StormSpotter to add the online StormSpotter feed, which I have done.
So now SARTrack can be used by StormSpotters to monitor the location of all online Spotters, in addition to any other APRS or satellite based Trackers.

As SARTrack has a range of different Maps available, Ciry, Topo, Satellite, etc. (and after initial download of the tiles, also available off-line) plus a USA Weather Radar overlay, I think the software will be very usefull for the StormSpotter community.

The software is completely FREE, very compact, does not use the Windows Registry and does not put anything in the background, so give it a try and see what you think.
Feedback is very welcome.

Download the installation program at:

Main website is at:

When installing, you may want to select the SAR version, instead of the HAM (Amateur Radio) version. This will add a lot of extra features like an Operations Log etc., which could be usefull (switch between versions in Setup>general).
If you do not have an Amateur Radio callsign, you can select any callsign during installation. But you will not be able to send any data over the APRS-IS worldwide network.

After installation, right-click on the "IFeed" panel, select "Manage IFeeds" and tick the StormSpotters. Then open the Map, and all active StormSpotter trackers will appear on the Map (Currently with a single Icon, I may improve that)

If there is enough interest in the StormSpotter community, it may be possible to setup a APRS server especially for StormSpotters, which could make is possible for you to connect all SARTrack computers together and communicate between them (Messaging, Adding Objects to the Maps, Operations Log, etc.)

Any feedback and feature requests are welcome.


Bart Kindt ZL4FOX
New Zealand
Sep 25, 2006
Fremont, Indiana
I have been using APRS for years. I think it is a valuable tool for spotters, and chasers alike. I downloaded the program, and also got another one of our hams taking a look at it now as well