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    Storm Chasers and Storm Spotters...... Do you want to live stream. Do you enjoy chasing storms? Do you not have a platform to broadcast your content on a large scale? Weather Scoop can provide this for you! We provide a website at where we broadcast your content and have a live GPS tracker. We will also share your stream when you are live from our Facebook page where we have thousands of followers. All of this is provided for FREE. How, you ask? We utilize YouTube Live for our video broadcasting (you may use your own channel), and we use our GPS tracking software. All software can be downloaded and utilized on your smart device with no special hardware required. Please contact us at if you would like to have your stream and/or GPS location broadcasted while you chase this severe weather season. Again there is no cost. Thats right there is no cost to live stream on the weather scoop platform its FREE just contact us to sign up for or you can contact us for more information.

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