Frederick, CO Landspout Tornado, June 7, 2021

John Farley

Apr 1, 2004
Pagosa Springs, CO
This landspout tornado east of Boulder, CO just might be the most seen and photographed tornado of 2021. And one of the more photogenic. I watched it live on Channel 9 for about half hour.


Jeff Duda

EF6+, PhD
Staff member
Oct 7, 2008
Denver, CO
If you can predict it, that is...or just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

I live in Broomfield, < 30 miles from where that tornado occurred. I could not see it from any position in my neighborhood even when I looked for it. And you can't get across town at that time of day with any speed.

None of the non-supercell tornado indices gave any indication that such an event was possible. Landspouts are less predictable than mesocyclonic tornadoes.
Jun 23, 2018
Golden, Co
I did try to get to a viewing spot from golden. Should have known better...stuck in traffic for 40 minutes. All my non storm chasing buddies were sending me tornado pics better then most I send them lol.
Mar 30, 2008
Norman, OK
Was at the Hilton Garden Inn in Longmont after working all day on a project. Enjoying some Colorado things, talking on the phone in my rental car outside my hotel. Looked over and was like 'Hey that's a nice wall clou holy shit that's a tornado'


Caught the last 5 minutes. As Jeff said, traffic at that time is impossible, so I enjoyed what was left from a distance.

First colorado fully condensed tornado, highest altitude, tallest (LCL's over 10,000' means that tornado was approximately a mile tall!). Thank you Colorado, I still hate you though

James K

Mar 26, 2019
I had that day off from work. But wasn't expecting anything in the way of storms to happen...
I went & laid down for a late-afternoon rest, and totally missed it (had gotten up & for dinner & looked at radar right before the tor-warning disappeared . )
Even without there's no way I could have made it out to see it (especially as others have mentioned - traffic)...but thing is I *might* have been able to simply see it way off in the distance from home. (damn. very well might have missed seeing my 1st tornado, even if it would have been something off in the distance)
Mar 2, 2004
Northern Colorado
A bit late to the posting party on this... but yeah... welcome home, huh...

So this "welcome home" present... that image was taken a mile from the house we had closed on about 90 minutes earlier. My wife and I were in the process of getting our mattress from the POD when she spotted the funnel over my shoulder.


At that point, I didn't see any dust/debris coming up from behind the house, so I just kinda chuckled and said, woot, nice welcome. As we were muscling in the mattress through the front door, I saw the dust rising from behind the houses, shoved the mattress and my wife through the front door, then yanked my wife out, closing everything (but not locking up), and we basically drove a mile south to the top of a hill and watched this tornado together.

20210607_171909.jpg This was my wife's first tornado... she's chased with me a handful of times over the years, but never on a tornado day. While it's hard to count this as a chase (I mean, we DID drive a mile toward it), I was delighted we were together for this one (and she's very high on the fact that SHE spotted it first)

The whole transition from start-to-finish has felt very much as if this was all meant to be. Anyone who knows me knows how much we wanted out of Denver back in 2013. We couldn't get out quick. But when all this started to unroll in late January, it happened quick, and so naturally. And going back to Colorado didn't mean going back to Denver. But all our friends and family are here, and when that door was cracked opened as this process got going, it was a shocking realization how much we wanted this. It was not an easy path to get to this point; and this all started out of a lot of disappointment and loss. But if there was anything more meant to be than this.. LOL

But to see that journey end this way... I'm not sure I could've written a better ending. While the signs were there throughout the entire process, this cemented everything.