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Bryce C.

Apr 28, 2019
East Moline
Greetings all!

I am probably dumb for asking, and I couldn't find anything specific on this forum, but could anyone provide guidance in regards to forecasting using Tim Vasquez's Forecast Simulator 2015? There really isn't any guide or anything included so even though I'm trying to learn, I'm still having a difficult time. The maps included to create a forecast include:

*Surface observations
*200, 300, 500, 700, 850, and 925 NCEP and SPC observations
*Surface Divergence and Vorticity
*Mixed-Layer Cape and CINH
*Pressure change
*0-1KM Storm relative helicity

I would greatly appreciate any guidance because I really want to be able to go out next spring for my first official storm chasing year.

Thank you all!

Randy Jennings

May 18, 2013
If you are asking about how to forecast in general, Tim has several good books including "Weather Analysis & Forecasting Handbook" and "Severe Storm Forecasting". If you are asking about using his simulator, you might ask the question on his support forum (The Weather Forecasting Forum • Index page). If it is neither of those, please elaborate. I talked to Tim last Saturday, and there is a chance I might see him again in mid February, so if you have a specific question I can ask him if I see him.
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