Following a passion

Jeff Hagle

Mar 6, 2018
hi everyone nice to be on the form and have enjoyed the reading. joined discord and but could not post channel locked down i guess ,have done the sky warn training also spotternetwork course. i have had a lot of years in civil service including emt. vol.fireman and law enforcement. i have always kinda got excited for storm season but just watched from home since i retired.My 2 sons are firemen and always complained about not getting live data when working a fire so i got a pws and now they get the info they need. this also just pushed me deeper into what i was always wanted to do. so i got invited to the skywarn class with them.. to make it short it refueled my interest that i have tucked away for years. so i am studying and learning again and putting together a chase vehicle. so forgive the dumb questions i may ask in the future and go after your passion what ever it is.thanks all. could not find a place to post so if not allowed delete
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May 25, 2014
Welcome. We were having some slight issues in the Discord, involving an automated system that resides there. I remember you popping in. Go back to the Discord, click on #experiencelevel, and select your level of experience. After that, you should be able to post in there as well.