First time out shooting lightning!

Discussion in 'Sky photography' started by Michael Norris, Jul 2, 2018.

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    Jun 4, 2018
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    Last night I went out to photo some lightning from a cluster of non severe storms just southwest of San Angelo, TX. Out of about 300 shots, I managed to catch a CG strike 3 times. Unfortunately there is what appears to be a ton of messed up pixels throughout all of my photos. I was able to clean up most of it in lightroom, but I think the age of the camera is showing. It is an old Olympus E500 that my wife has, and I am using it to practice messing with different settings and learning more about serious photography before I drop the money on a nicer, newer DSLR.

    2 sec exposure, ISO 100, F/22

    10 sec exposure, ISO 100, and I forgot what the aperture was set at, but I wanna say F/10

    30 sec exposure, ISO 100, F/8
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