First Storm Chase


Jul 1, 2018
Portland, OR
Hello, first time poster here. Living in the PNW we rarely see thunderstorms. So this year i finally made my chase dream come through. Did my homework and bought a ticket to Denver 2 days in advance. I arrived late the night of May 31 and was on the road before at sunrise on June 1,2018 headed east to chase an area which what was foretasted to have a moderate convective outlook (also see SPC MCD discussion #0608). After 400 miles one way into central northern Nebraska..I was not disappointed. I was rewarded with a first time solo chasers dream. It ended up being tornado warned in multiple locations within 15 miles of me. Tornado sirens wailed in the distance as night fell. This was the eeriest thing I've ever heard. Hope you enjoy.

I also included some links to some time lapses I created.