First Major Storm

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Aug 22, 2015
Hastings, Nebraska
I think with many places in the Central Plains already seeing some winter weather I think it would be appropriate to start this. I wanna see when you guys think we will see the first major winter storm of the year. I know that TWC has started naming major storms so when will see the first named storm? Looking at the current synoptic pattern we are in I think that we may see the first major storm by the end of November.
Jul 5, 2009
Newtown, Pennsylvania
“Avery” was a relatively early-season storm for my area of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, I mostly missed it. I was up in Boston that day. The snow was just starting in Boston when my long-delayed flight took off, and by the time I landed back home in Philadelphia the temperature was 40 degrees and it was raining. There were still a few inches of snow and sleet on the ground, but I didn’t get to experience the storm itself. Hopefully there will be a few more this winter.

There is a local Philadelphia weather forum that is excellent for discussing regional winter storm forecasts without any hype. There are some local current and retired meteorologists that participate. Unlike with severe weather, I am not well-versed enough to post much (except for dumb questions), but I enjoy reading all of the interpretations of the models and like being “in the know” before the official, more periodic forecasts change to incorporate the latest model runs. I didn’t even engage much with the discussion in this recent storm, however; it just seemed so climatologically unlikely, and then I just got too busy with work and everything. But the storm clearly over-performed in some areas. If interested in checking out the forum, it’s