Fine Art America - possible data breach leading to scam email

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Jan 14, 2011
St. Louis
A heads up to anyone using Fine Art America. I create a unique email address for every site or service I use online. This way, when there is a breach or sudden spam to one of the addresses, I know which site/service was responsible.

I received the following message to the address I used to sign up with Fine Art America several years ago. I have not used the service in years and have not received an email from them since. I also have not shared the email address I used for my account there with anyone else, it was a unique one that was only in Fine Art America's system.

This is the text of the email:

Good morning! I found your arts on your web-site and I need to make a gift for my father.
If it is not hard for you please, help me with the order.
Reply me when you will be on your working place, please!.
Sincerely, I am looking forward for your reply, I will attach all details that I am interested in.
The email itself should raise red flags, but the fact that it was sent to an email address that was only used with Fine Art America's system means that their user data may have been compromised.