Fight over Doppler radar site pits government against property rights of developer

May 18, 2013
Dallas, TX (Dallas Morning News): " The 55-foot metal tower that holds what looks like a giant white soccer ball helps aircraft take off and land safety at Dallas Love Field every day.

But the Doppler radar weather station near the border of Dallas and Irving is now at the center of a heated land dispute between the Federal Aviation Administration and one of the Dallas area’s biggest developers, Billingsley Co. A lot of money is at stake.

Billingsley at one point owned the quarter-acre site the Doppler radar sits on as part of a larger purchase the company made in 2015 to expand its successful Cypress Waters development. The 1,000-acre community at LBJ Freeway and Belt Line Road has thousands of apartments, two retail centers and offices for major businesses.

The federal government, which leased the land from previous owners from 1993 to 2014, condemned the small plot in October 2016 in a lawsuit after being unable to reach an agreement with Billingsley over a lease or sale.

The question is, how much should the government pay for the land?"

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My commentary: I don't fell too sorry for the developer here. TDAL was in place long before they bought the property. While they do deserve a fair price for the condemned land the radar sits on, to claim they should also get money because they can't build what ever they want on the other land is crazy - they had to have know when they bought the property that they would not be allowed to obstruct the radar with buildings. This is just like someone who moves in next to an airport fence and then complains about the noise.