Favorite "positive bust"?

Mar 28, 2016
Hyannis, MA
Sorry for the strange wording of the title. Basically a positive bust is when conditions were not going to be conducive for development, but development happened anyway.

I don't have the date on hand, but back when I lived in the STL area, the forecast didn't call for any development. We were capped and it looked as though the cap would remain. The heat was damn oppressive. After nightfall, we ended up getting some pretty good development. Excellent CG's and wind.

I'll possibly edit this later after I've had my coffee.
Aug 27, 2009
One of my top-10 days happened on a day like this. We busted on our target area and went back to Wichita for our hotel (which was outside of the target area). A small thunderstorm hovered over Wichita for the 45 minutes (?) it took for us to get there and started growing as we approached Wichita. As far as I remember it had latched onto some sort of boundary (I guess it wouldn't have gotten stuck there otherwise) and started to spin. Once we got close it was a pink, pancake platter, LP supercell for a brief while and I got a magnificent shot of it. It even had a small, pink funnel for a while.

We finished off the evening watching lightning from dying thunderstorms/supercells outside of Mulvane with a perfect starlit sky and tons of fireflies. It was lovely!
Aug 2, 2009
Cabot, AR
The first day that pops in my head is May 20th of last year. OKC in a 45% High Risk. I had a bit of a nervous feeling in my stomach that day heading out to my target area. I don't normally have that feeling, but considering what I thought may happen to a heavily populated area it just didn't sit well with me.

It wasn't a total bust. There were tornadoes, but considering what could have happened given the parameters most would consider it a bust. I ended getting on the early storm near Paducah, TX saw one tornado there and continued to follow that storm to Mangum, OK where it produced again. I ended up having a pretty good chase day. I saw tornadoes and a potentially disastrous situation did not materialize.