Fall Colors

Aug 9, 2012
Macomb, IL
We had one of the first major cold fronts of the fall push through yesterday bringing showers and thunderstorms to the area in the morning, followed by clear skies and windy conditions. I shot a few fall foilage pics along 136 near Carthage, IL while searching for some owls in the area. These are un-edited JPEGs out of my camera, save for me adding the watermark (10/12/22):






I took a couple the day before (10/11/22) on the Western Illinois University campus. We likely won't hit peak color until the last week of October, so still a ways to go, but already looks fantastic out there!




James K

Mar 26, 2019
Those are some truly beautiful photos!

Most of the trees around here just turn yellow (generally anything red is non-native, and planted in neighborhoods)
Attached images:
First one is back on Sept 24 in the mountains (along highway 285) pretty much when it was at peak colors.
The rest are from a local park on Oct 14 & 21, peak colors down here near the foothills.


Jul 5, 2009
Newtown, Pennsylvania
These pictures were taken in Bucks County PA, from the canal towpath, with the Delaware Canal visible on the right side of certain pics, and the Delaware River on the left. Across the river is NJ. All pictures just via iPhone, as I was riding my bike.

This first group of pictures below were taken on October 16:

E2FBA403-90A5-4991-86A9-33193EF05B0C.jpeg C09E5F79-3D96-45EA-96B9-89208696E8D1.jpeg 7C6AE990-E35A-42F3-8BBD-0B5EEF3272A1.jpeg E976E50F-F379-44E3-A8B1-F0EE5DAE4987.jpeg FFDA25EF-AEEF-43EB-9977-6FBF53800A10.jpeg

The following pics were taken yesterday, October 29. This time of year is usually just about past peak, but in looking at them the later ones are more colorful than the earlier ones, probably helped by warm temperatures.

2BC391D6-1FD0-4E7C-B8A6-BC49BEE877AF.jpeg 2DC5349B-0A63-4636-8923-C7AC1DE547ED.jpeg B5C1D59E-3BBE-460B-B5C7-B25542F9F5F5.jpeg CA51BC0A-8253-4ABC-9418-2DBEA0D218D6.jpeg 532AB189-D24C-4E9D-B8D7-AC8FC9B501A2.jpeg
Aug 9, 2012
Macomb, IL
We pretty much reached peak here around a week ago when I posted, so these will probably be my last ones of the season. Overall a good fall color season here. Not as great as last year, but still pretty good.




And a couple barred owls on 2 consecutive days below as well with the fall colors in the background:


This was another owl I spotted below and was able to get some fairly close shots of with a fall color backdrop:


And to cap it off last night with a great sunset and most of the trees are barren now and will remain so again until next late April/May (roughly 6 months or so).