Equipment Question: Best Camera for Weather Photography?

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Mar 2, 2004
Wichita, KS
My workhorse has been the Nikon D750 and I LOVE that camera. It's a full-frame, very clean shots, and works with the Nikon lenses I used with my Nikon D5300. My favorite lens is the Nikkor 24-120mm lens, got it for a steal on Amazon from a dude selling a practically new lens for a third the new price. I took a chance on that and scored well, so I'm in love with that setup!

In addition, I have the Tamron 10-24mm for wide-angle shots, and I let that live on the D5300 for the wider shots. I also have a 70-300mm lens that I'll throw on the D5300 to get in tight if I am far away (with the crop sensor, it can exceed 400mm zoom). I have several other lenses that I use for other activities, but those three are my storm chasing gotos.