Equipment Mounted to Vehicle

Aaron May

Mar 26, 2020
Brookville Ohio
I am going to be collecting data starting next chase season. I am looking at weather stations and anemometers to mount to the top of my vehicle. What equipment does everyone use for mounting and what research grade stations does everyone use?

Quinton Kirsch

Dec 26, 2018
St. Louis, Missouri
If you are looking to use consumer grade weather stations/anemometers I would not consider them as candidates for collecting research grade data. If you are serious about doing observations, you would have to put in time and effort to design and assemble mobile mesonets with reputable sensors. If you are only doing this for personal gain or attention (obligatory acknowledgement as many on here I have seen only want mobile stations for attention) then by all means go for it. Consider your true motives and assess why you really want to do that.

I do not want to discourage you from the data obs and collection side of storm chasing, but there is quite a commitment with mobile mesonets built solely for research purposes. Sensors are expensive, calibration adds up, etc, etc. If that's the route you want to go down, go for it, if you want to use consumer grade stations, no one is stopping you either. Just something to consider.

If you have any questions don't be afraid to reach out to me.


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