Email bounced: and Training Comments

A Gilmore

Jun 2, 2022
Address not found
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Wrote some notes about the training as I went through it and send it as directed: "Please direct your questions, concerns, or comments at"

However, I got the above error about the email bounce.

I'll post my feedback here in case it helps, as there doesn't appear to be another forum:
Page Weather & Climate: This sentence is outdated. Perhaps it could be updated when rewritten so it isn't obsolete in 8 years? ;) "The next 30-year update will occur in 2010 and will comprise the years 1980- 2010."

The flash player climate video should be replaced with this youtube video instead: Video: Global Warming from 1880 to 2021 – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Page Atmosphere:
This diagram legend has the color map wrong, unless the troposphere is not as described?

Page Atmospheric Pressure:
This caption needs an edit, should be "throughout":
A common map seen on any weather segment showing the areas of high and low pressure systems using air pressure readings through the US.

Page Motions of Weather:
This sentence on the Coriolis Force is a bit confusing:
"In the Northern Hemisphere Low Pressure systems rotate counter-clockwise and upward, with High Pressure systems having clockwise rotations and downward motions."
Is upwards/downwards referring to pressure height and therefore wouldn't change between hemispheres (I think?), or does it refer to longitudinal motion towards/away from the poles?

Page Introduction to Thunderstorms:
Section on NWS migration to new technology (how long has it been?) needs an edit, or perhaps a rewrite.
"This is currently be used for warnings associated with tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, floods and marine hazards."

Page on Types of Thunderstorms:
Squall Lines section is awkward. "However, their potential is somewhat rare and particularly the ability to spot them, since the area of rotation producing the tornado is usually obscured by rain."

Page on Tornado Life Cycle
The Tornado Damage Rating Quiz is a particular example of the number of broken flash embeds. It's not playable even with Flash player extensions like Ruffle.