Educational video's about chasing / stormpredictions etc

Dutch Jolien

Hello. I like to learn more about stormchasing in the USA and I like to do that by watching video's. I already saw a lot of Skip Talbot, really like his explanations. I also watched so video's of Pecos Hank. But there must be so much more. So I ask you, what are your tips about video's? It can be about anything (try to wrap my head around the hodo's for example). I'm not much of a reader, that's why I want to learn through films.
We will go chasing in 2022 for a month in the USA, but ofcourse I go with more experienced people.

This is me during a chase in France 2020. As you can see I'm deadserious!


Jan 18, 2009
Benton, Arkansas
Hi Dutch,

Below is a link to an excellent video that you can buy and download, I believe. Mike does an excellent job at explaining things, then shows you things in various chases he has done. It is an awesome educational tool. Many others on here have this DVD and/or BluRay disc.

Storm Analysis 101

Hope this helps and best of luck to you.

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Jul 5, 2009
Newtown, Pennsylvania
Here is a great video workshop for tornado forecasting:

Also, there is already a thread right here on Stormtrack about other learning resources so we don’t have to recreate the wheel