Does someone know of any DVDs for the 2013 Oklahoma F5 twisters?

Apr 22, 2009
preferrably near a storm
Thabks for the link. Do you know of one for the El Reno F5 as well?
I *eventually* would like to see a DVD or online download of a documentary video for this event due to it's significance, but it wouldn't surprise me right now if anyone who would put something together like this is loathe to sell one or even make one to sell, because of the direct impact the El Reno F5 had on so many chasers, and the hurt that is still relatively fresh, of the deaths of chasers Tim/Paul Samaras and Carl Young.
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That could be of course - a valid point - but many of the twister DVDs are those from fatal storms of course. My mom said The Weather Ch. had some special on it actually but I did not see it.

I think it is worthy of a documentary for several reasons.

Zach Young

A lot of people try and aim to have their DVDs ready in time for ChaserCon in February, so I'm sure there's a lot of people still working on theirs.