Designing an APRS relay program - password?

Matthew Wann

Feb 20, 2019
Decatur, GA
Since it doesn't look like the APRS relay to SpoterNetwork is going to be fixed, I've set out to do the next best thing. I have designed, and begun test-implementing, a program that connects to the APRS-IS servers and relays packets to SpotterNetwork via the REST API. The basic design is that a user will provide their SpotterNetwork login information to the program (only stored locally) and whenever an APRS packet is received, it sends the position information through the API. The idea is that the user could set it up on their home computer and run it while out chasing since APRS can frequently reach where mobile internet can't. However, I've hit two issues with it. For one, the API does not return the user's Application ID when they login. I was finally able to test this via Postman and all it returns is "success":"true". Second, and this is more of a design question, should I include the ability to track multiple users? I know on the user setting page it's made explicit not to share your Application ID. Even if it's entered with a blanked-out password field, would this still violate the SN Terms of service? Without the ability to login via the API, the only option left is to use the Application ID. I can encrypt it so even if it's running on another person's computer, it's unlikely that that other person would be able to access the member's information. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestion on this?
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